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    Community and growth starts with getting together.  Through thick and thin, through the tough weather.   Generations passed of restlessness and societal devoice.   Head down through subjugation and media depiction.   Times have changed and no longer do we have a choice.   We have to...
    September 25, 2019
    Three months ago, I woke up, and my foot was swollen twice the size that it normally is. As I stood up, I tried putting a little weight on my right foot, and a shock of pain went up my spine. All the same symptoms of gout; just like my father. Gout is inflammatory arthritis that is caused by...
    May 17, 2019 · Social Issues
    Yesterday, I went to the IoT World Conference and Expo 2019 (, which was awesome,) and was caught off guard by the ageism. It was really the first time I felt where age was the only limiting factor from having a conversation with some people. Instead of giving the younger crowd respect, certain...
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