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Ever since I was a young boy, my dad has been telling me that in order to be rich, you have to become a business owner; so growing up, I’ve always had this business owner mentality.

It wasn’t until I was in university that I started to really get into entrepreneurship. I’d go to all the start-up events and pitches, wake up early in the mornings to attend breakfast seminars, and constantly be talking with entrepreneurs. I was all in the community, but I was not an entrepreneur…yet.

One day, one of my best friends Javier asked if I wanted to join his small company The Pocket Tie (, now www.ThePetTie.com). Since I was already helping him out just as a friend, I decided to join him. As a team, we increased sales quickly by doing more strategic marketing on Amazon, and also began selling door-to-door in high-net neighborhoods for 2-3hrs per day (; and yes, we got all the proper licensing). It was a comfortable salary for a college student. We were making immediate sales and a couple hundred bucks per month each on Amazon. Not bad for a young adult.

Eventually, my business partner decided to move to Mexico, and I decided to move to Taiwan. As time passed, we didn’t pay too much attention to our company and started focusing on other projects. Slowly sales slowed down to a crawl.

Two years later (March 2019), I moved from Taipei to San Francisco to attend this awesome program called Venture University. Here, I am surrounded with awesome, successful, smart individuals who make me a better person and drive me to be the best I can be.

With this program, I’ve learned how much I don’t know, how much I need to learn, and what it takes to be successful. For me, success right now is building my foundation and learning as much as possible in venture capital (VC). Venture University is great because it is an accelerated program on venture capital where you take a week-long crash course on VC and then dive right into the life of an investor under General Partners Andrew Zalasin (GP at RRE) and J. Skyler Fernandes (Powerlist 100 VC, Founder of Simon Venture Group, Head of Investments at Cleveland Avenue). Without this program, I would be lost in space not knowing what to do, but luckily with a great team around me, I have a much stronger understanding of what I want to do in the future.

With my upbringing, entrepreneurship involvement, lessons from the failures of The Pocket Tie, a new drive for venture capital, and now understanding what it takes to get into this industry, I’m hungry.

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