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Yesterday, I went to the IoT World Conference and Expo 2019 (, which was awesome,) and was caught off guard by the ageism. It was really the first time I felt where age was the only limiting factor from having a conversation with some people. Instead of giving the younger crowd respect, certain individuals really tried to ignore you just because of your age.

Modern times has proven that age is now a relative number. Some of the brightest minds in certain industries, such as blockchain and tech, are of high schoolers who haven’t even graduated. They grew up as teenagers in the era where cryptocurrency was at its peak in interest and now have a strong insight of the possibilities of cryptocurrency. I’ve even met hedge fund owners who aren’t even 25 and can still give top returns among blue chip firms.

I also understand on the other side that ageism is a great way to weed out individuals from the rest and ignore individuals when you don’t want to talk to them. Also, I get it. You’re tired and you have been there all day saying the same things; but by acting upon prejudice towards someone based on their age limits you from a potential opportunity.

In addition, age makes people wiser, not smarter. Countless hours of studying and working on your craft make you smarter. Experiences make you wiser.

I believe times are changing and ageism will become less of a problem. In order to change the way of thought, we need to talk about Ageism.

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